Frequently Asked Questions

  • Make sure they give FREE estimates.
  • Make sure they have general liability and workers comp insurance.
  • Best companies have the best references.
  • BUY LOCAL when possible.

Trees have a variety of ways to show poor health.The most obvious is dead spots in the trunk area.Also, dead limbs, fungus growing on tree or obvious signs of lightning strike.

In most cases, no.The longer you let a tree die, the more hazardous it is to your house.Also, the more dead a tree is the more dangerous it is for us to remove it for you-this means added cost to you.

Most trees in the Southeast area can be trimmed anytime, although some smaller trees do better if completed in early Spring.A lot of people wait until March to walk around the yard and inspect trees, but you should do it at least 3 times a year. Snow and Ice storms, hurricanes and lightning storms all can do damage to weak trees.

Most definitely!It is better to inspect trees every month or two and get the work done when demand is slower.Good times are from November to February.

Any tree that has dead limbs, or low limbs hanging over house or structures.Also, any bad spots in the trunks of trees.Water oaks are especially prone to rotten spots that leads to quick decay from inside out. It is difficult to tell from outside how badly damaged it is.This is why you need an expert.

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